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Dr Charles Chatterjee

LLB, University of Cambridge
University of London

Call: 1992
Inn: Lincoln’s

Areas of Practice
Banking (including capital markets), international law, international trade, e-commerce, commercial, energy, economic law, international commercial arbitration, health, criminal law


Dr Charles Chatterjee is currently a Professor of International Commercial and Criminal Law at London Metropolitan University. He has frequently acted as legal consultant to the World Health Organisation (The World Health Organisation has appointed Dr Chatterjee as a Rapporteur several times to develop scientific papers on issues such as family health care and prevention of drug abuse). He has also acted as legal consultant to the International Labour Office and also the Commonwealth Secretariat. He is a member of the Committee on Banking and the Committee on International Trade Law of the International Chamber of Commerce.

For over eight years Dr Chatterjee was the UK member of the International Criminal Law Committee of the International Law Association During this period, he was primarily engaged in drafting various documents. For five years from 1988 to 1992, he was the General Editor of Lloyd's Arbitration Reports in which he commented on a large number of awards rendered by various ICSID tribunals. Dr Chatterjee has also acted as a co-arbitrator in an international construction arbitration governed by the ICC Rules of Arbitration.

Dr Chatterjee has published extensively in the form of books and articles on various aspects of public international law, international economic law, international commercial law, including banking, trade, investment, international commercial arbitration as well as health and criminal law.

Dr Chatterjee has considerable experience in negotiating commercial contracts, including contracts pertaining to transfer of technology, international loans and international trade.experience in negotiating commercial contracts, including contracts pertaining to transfer of technology, international loans and international trade.

Dr Chatterjee is a vigorous advocate in court at all levels from county and magistrates court to crown and high courts and also the court of appeal where to use his own words he enjoys best ‘a jolly good scrap’.

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